Placement; The action of finding a home

Saneun Hwang

March 23 - 31, 2018


      A pit pops up in my book ‘Zip’ and this excavation begins its own journey.

                              The book traces a trajectory of a ubiquitous hole.

In 2016, I began a journey to create a visual archive that tells a story of where I came from. I started collecting images and materials that I could find in New York. My work expands my upbringing in Korea to New York, from past to present. It is both introspective and revealing.

Those found images create a dense narrative with multiple paths, rewarding both linear and serendipitous exploration. Behind the volume, I wanted to suggest that the form reflects my personal experience, merging memories with the anticipation of wandering the city, offering a visual critique of urban development.

In order to understand my work, people should get into close contact with the work. The object will be displayed on a pedestal and viewers can only experience it by touching and looking at it in its physical form. Secondary mediums, a scroll of prints, will be displayed to support and intensify main event if there is enough space available. The book will be sitting on the pedestal and a puncher will be placed next to it. What audience has to do is punching. Keep punching holes, make the images in the book blurry, abstract and destructive. By transforming the artwork, little by little, viewers’ direct engagement: making “holes” will make another landfill that remind what the book is about. Holes are empty and mysterious. a cavity might get patched up, but another leaked through the other side, never solid, secure or concrete. To sum up, my book serves as a manifestation / visual memoir.


-Artist Note