• HongIk Art University’s 64 association Exhibition 7 times

  • Museum of Modern Painting between Korea and Japan

  • 1994~2002 ART TOYAMA (Japan)

  • 7th Artex Paris (France)

  • Nagasaki – Seoul 200 (KTN Gallery, Japan)

  • Florida U.S.A MOOK-Gallery U.S.A

  • Invitation of LA Commentary Art Exhibition

  • Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, France, The United States, China, Mongolia, Spain, Philipphines, Turkey, Croatina, Taiwan, etc (Exhibition)

  • Memorial Hall for the 33rd Anniversary of the opening of the Gallery.

  • Art Ulsan Exhibition

  • Exhibition to invite the artists to the Gi-dang mueum in Jeju to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of HongIk Art University



12 times for Personal Exhibition

350 times for Group Exhibition


Award Career

  • Eun-Pyeong Art Award

  • Proud Korean for Art Grand Prize

  • Insadong people’s Achievement of the year Award



  • Korea Alliance Standing Advisory Committee

  • Eun-Pyeong Advisory Committee

  • Writers Association of Korea

  • Chairman of the Korea-Japan Art Museum

  • Seoul Art Association

  • Advisory of the southern Modern Art Association

  • Membership of Free Expression

  • Examiner of Korea Art Fair

  • Steering Committee Member

  • Gyeon-ggi Art Contest

  • Examiner of Dan-Won Art Contest

  • Hang-Ju Art Contest

  • Na Hye-Sok Art Contest

  • Examiner of Woman Art Contest

  • Examiner of Han-Sung Art Contest