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Group Exhibition

April 4 - May 4, 2018

Mari Iwahara (B. 1991)  

Title : My Sister and My Father in Jamestown, RI

Year : 2018

Medium : Acrylic on wood

Dimension : 12" x 16"


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Mari Iwahara is a multidisciplinary designer born and based in New York City. Her graphic approach to painting—exploring techniques in abstraction, simplification, and juxtaposition—stems from her background and practice in graphic design. While most of her work occurs on-screen, a physical canvas provides an experimental ground for expressing what could easily be achieved digitally into a more tactile, intimate experience. Her “Lasting Landscape” series, in which scenery are translated into colored stripes, is an attempt at capturing and prolonging moments in time that cannot be replicated or recalled detail for detail, but leave a chromatic impression that lingers in the subconscious.