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Sandra Moore

This Happened

November 12 - November 25, 2018

Sandra studied art and filmmaking at Yale and made experimental films composed of many drawings. The artist went on to teach at Cooper Union in NYC and showed her work in the United States and Europe.

However, she was simultaneously drawn to the study of medicine and went on to practice as a physician. She states that the art of medicine has been beautiful and fulfilling, although the rigors of medicine precluded time for reverie and art making.

In 2015, Sandra was able to return to making art.


BA Yale University, 1973 MFA Yale University School of Art, 1975

MD Mount Sinai School of Medicine NYC, 1990

Cooper Union NYC Associate Professor of filmmaking and film theory 1977-1990

Attending and clinical assistant professor of Radiology, NYUMC 2002-2015

Selected Exhibitions

2018 Kate Oh Gallery , Manhattan NY. Solo exhibit: November  12-25, 2018.

2018 The Re Institute, Millerton NY.   Paintings and studies from "Wake Up White Man
You Are Destroying the Earth!"

2016 The Re Institute, Millerton NY. "Everything that is alive wants to be alive".

1989 Whitney Museum of American Art "1989 Biennial Exhibition"
Alternative Museum, New York. "The New Music Series"

1985 Whitney Museum of American Art  "1985 Biennial Exhibition"
10 artists at 10 years, Yale University School of Art, New Haven

1983 Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 1983 Biennial Exhibition  "Luck in
Loose Plaster" and "Gawrsh I didn’t know you was a lady!" toured throughout the
USA and internationally with the American Federation of the Arts

Whitney Museum of American Art, Downtown Branch NY. "The Comic Art Show.
Cartoons in Painting and Popular Culture."

1981 Drawing Center, New York, "New Perspectives"

1980 White Columns NY
Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts, Kentucky

1979  112 Workshop NY
Center for Art Tapes, Halifax Nova Scotia

1979 Mannheim Filmwoche (West Germany)
Collective for Living Cinema, NY: Stretching the Limits Animated Films
Film Forum NY "The Lives of Animators"

1978 Drawing Center, NY: Drawings from Animated Films 1914 – present
The Queens Museum Flushing NY: Animators on Animation (performance)

1973 Yale University. The Influence of Dada on Country Music. Performance and
lecture April 1973, covered by the New York Times.

"At a recent opening at the RE Institute in Millerton NY, someone next to me described Sandra Moore's recent paintings succinctly:  "Put on your seatbelts!"  And the warning was accurate.  To say she isn't easy is an understatement. In a cultural landscape of too many works that rely on gimmicks and visual shticks, hers stand out as visionary, disturbing, mysterious, and honest. Moore's current studies and paintings visualize the subjugation of indigenous people, brown tragic figures embroiled with white, almost spongy invaders. Their struggle is embedded in images of visceral pain, coils of gorgeous translucent snakes, shards of exploding color, and fabulous menacing cats. Moore says these are "political" paintings, but they go far deeper than facile polemics.  Here is the Manichean struggle, chaotic and agonizing, that lays the foundation of all dark political times.  Tough to look at but relevant, important".  Carol Peckham, Hudson NY, May 2018.