Experiments, Excavations & Explorations

Robert Moore

June 20 - July 20, 2019

Opening Reception: June 20, 6-8 pm (by RSVP only)

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Kate Oh Gallery proudly announces “Experiments, Excavations & Explorations,” a solo exhibition of artworks by Robert Moore. Inspired by classical art, ancient history and contemporary ideas, Robert Moore’s works are assembled of modern as well as old materials and processes. His carefully constructed photomontage images are printed on traditional Japanese plant fiber paper to which delicate layers of hot encaustic medium infusion, glazes, and cold wax coatings are hand-applied to the surface of the prints.

The finished pieces become startling in their physicality and emotional depth. His Koi series celebrates classical Asian painting with contemporary techniques; in the case of his Dig Series, Moore imagines how a primitive artist might render contemporary concepts by using materials available at the time: a dirt floor, assorted rocks, and roughly-applied pigment paint. Moore invites the viewers to discover their own stories from his visual narrative. His current Evolution series explores the human condition by referencing classical themes and our current culture with pop art vibrancy and clarity.

Resident in Moore’s work is a deep exploration of self, combining the realities of ac-ceptance with the possibilities of the past, present and future into a uniquely resonat-ing expression of the natural world. It is an organic world tangible in our own lived ex-perience as viewers, but also magical in its deeper expressions. Join us for the opening

reception (by RSVP only) on Thursday, June 20, 6-8pm. The exhibition will end on July 20. To view the show, please schedule an appointment with Kate Oh Gallery at Info@kateohgallery.com. 

About Artist

Robert Moore is an emerging artist with classical training in photography. Building on his successful 25-year career as a New York commercial photographer and overcoming a life-threatening illness has given him a powerful motivation as an independent artist to realize a new and singular expression in his work.  

Educated at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, becoming a photojournalist in the US Navy, and apprenticing for years with photographers in Europe have all given Moore a technical mastery and attention to detail that informs his work today. As an artist, he uses this experience as the foundation on which he builds and creates the layers of color and medium that transform our perspective. Robert’s artistic expression emerges through the application of his fine craftsmanship. The subtly and detail of his work in combination with his creativity deliver a visual experience of profound observation.

Moore divides his time between Manhattan and his studio in the Hamptons. A Long Island native, he is deeply connected to the local land and shoreline, and chooses to work exclusively in these surroundings. Moore has shown his work in East End galleries, but he’s primarily interested in partnering with the medical community to promote the restorative power of art to help overcome difficult illness. Most notably, Moore has contributed numerous pieces of his work to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s permanent art collection in Manhattan as well as Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island.


About Gallery

Founded in 2017 by Kate Oh, the gallery is devoted to supporting mid-career and emerging artists who work in a range of media including works on paper and paintings to sculpture, performance, and experimental installations. The mission of the gallery is to advocate for the work of the lesser-known artists through exhibitions to introduce them to collectors and to the general public. The exhibition program is both diverse and inclusive, showcasing the works of people around the world. Kate Oh Gallery aims to establish a broad range of partnerships that will create opportunities for artists to expand their practice beyond the museum and gallery walls.

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