All in One

Group Exhibition

Curated by Pema Rinzin

   October 05 - November 04, 2017






Kyp Malone

(b. 1973, New York)


Title : GARDEN PARTY pt.1

Year : 2017

Medium : Water color, ink and gauche on paper

Dimension : 38 x 50 inches
( 96.5 x 127 cm )



Kyp Malone is a figurative painter working primarily with watercolor on paper. His paintings explore mythic, spiritual and psychedelic themes. 

The work is often more graphic than the medium of watercolor implies as it is reaching roughly towards inspirations of Mohdal and classical Indian painting traditions. 

While not overtly political, the paintings are populated by black and brown peoples often in utopic/edenic environments. "I'm working towards something like a black fantastic. The conspicuous absence of people of color, or worse, their being relegated to caricature or background in the fantasy side of the western imagination troubled me. So I started painting what I wanted to see."

Malone is a resident of NYC where he works as a musician and video director.




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Mother in Garden.jpg

Title : Mother in Garden

Year : 2017

Medium : Water color on paper

Dimension : 20 x 16 inches