Planets Verso, 2017

Gouache and metallic pigments on handmade mulberry paper
10.5 x 9.5 inches







Auchincloss lives and works in Boston, MA. She received her MFA and a Master’s in Art History from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She currently teaches art at a public school in Dorchester and works as a museum educator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Auchincloss’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include the Pratt Juried Alumni Exhibition; Lost Cat at the Cape Cod Museum of Art; Pulp Painting at Studio Apothiki, Cypress; and Decisions, at

Emily Auchincloss uses a limited language of concentric circles to explore the sublime experiences of color harmonies in her current body of work. She aims for an ineffable type of expression through experiments in composition, ratio, and shape of color. These experiments are discovered and explored on substrates of clay, bringing these expressions back into the overtly corporeal.

Her interest lies in flattening hierarchies of ground, space, and object through playful and unexpected means. Auchincloss’ recent works are of gouache and ink on paperclay tablets, which affords her the chance to build up and excavate textures and images. She uses tools such as chisels, sandpaper, and microplanes to score and carve the surfaces of her intimate wall tablets.