All in One

Group Exhibition

Curated by Pema Rinzin

   October 05 - November 04, 2017






Ink Dwell (Jane Kim)

(b.1981 Evanston, IL)


Title : Flora Generica

Year : 2017

Medium : Acrylic and ballpoint pen on clayboard

Dimension : 20 × 16 inches (50.8 × 40.6 cm)



"Flora Generica" teaches us that sometimes we can learn the most important truths from works of fiction. This painting depicts a flower and plant that do not exist, as a way to teach the viewer about the basic anatomy of all flowers and plants. Every flower and plant has these anatomical structures but, thanks to the creative hand of evolution, we are not always easily able to see or identify them individually. In this way, an imagined plant gives the viewer a more accurate truth of what makes a plant a plant. On a societal level, "Flora Generica" offers a reminder that we all share the same fundamental structures.



Jane Kim is an artist and science illustrator. These terms are used in tandem to describe two distinct disciplines that inspire her work. Science illustration helps to describe complex systems, depict the microscopic, record the world around us, bring the extinct back to life and imagine the future. While science illustration is governed by facts and a demand for accuracy, the beauty in fine art is a function of creative interpretation of both the artist and the audience. It can challenge and inspire us, spark an emotional response, and create a lasting connection. 

In 2012, Kim created Ink Dwell, a studio that inspires people to love and protect the world one work of art at a time. Through large-scale public and private installations aimed at enriching the viewer’s experience, Ink Dwell shapes how the public interacts with architecture and the surrounding environment. Each piece of art tells a story about the natural world. The size and beauty of Ink Dwell’s installations can transform an ordinary place into a landmark and complement the finest monuments. We protect that which we love; Ink Dwell seeks to create work that helps people discover and fall in love with nature. 



$3,000 (framed)

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