All in One

Group Exhibition

Curated by Pema Rinzin

   October 05 - November 04, 2017






Sonam Yeshi 
(Tibetan American, Based in Dharamshala )


Title : Monkey's Paradise

Year : 2017

Medium : Acrylic, markers, and mixed media on canvas board

Dimension : 16 × 20 inches (40.6 × 50.8 cm)


In her paintings, she interprets the Tibetan Kyumbur relief technique traditionally used on furniture to apply to wood or canvas surfaces with color emerging in textured blocks highlighted by gold embossing.

Tibet is a land where vivid colors stand out against the rarified air, blue skies, green pasture, red monastery doors; colors that stand together without ever crashing. Sonam takes them further, weaving them into patterns of brocade, trees, animals and birds, achieving a balance between the traditional and the contemporary, skill and technique, vividness and harmony. Her work exudes joy and a love for animals, that is present throughout her work.

When creating interiors, Sonam brings a whole world into a single room, combining furniture, soft furnishings, lighting and themes that bring light and color to the environment. “I take elements from rural Tibetan interiors, which are usually dark and cluttered and bring them to light and space. Wood and color bring warmth, and cultural themes educate and entertain the occupants.



Sonam Yeshi is a Tibetan-American contemporary artist and designer who the different cultures she was exposed to through a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques to create a wide body of artwork, ranging from painting to interiors and product development.

Sonam spent ten years working with Norbulingka Institute, in Dharamsala, creating products and working with the artists. She has also traveled in Tibet and gained inspiration from the people, animals and landscape there. Both these perspectives have given her a unique edge as a talented and sensitive Tibetan artist.

She is a creative director and designer at Norbulingka Institute.



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